Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free pregnancy test in Arizona

Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss about the health center in the state of Arizona called Teen out reach Pregnancy services who provides free pregnancy test. They are a bilingual, non-profit, which is born from the desire of a group of people willing to help anyone experiencing a difficult pregnancy.  Competent staff shares the desire and ability to offer expectant mothers a new hope and practical help.  Their first goal is to provide love and compassion to all mothers and other people involved in their pregnancy.  Mothers, single or married, regardless of their age or situation, are welcome to the Center before and after the birth of their child.  The Center helps mothers who have already given birth to their child but have difficulty adjusting to their new life. Thus, they can more confidently glimpse their future and that of their child.  The Center offers a free pregnancy test and makes its resources available to families. We help with material needs such as maternity clothing and children.

In addition, they also provide information on adoption services, medical care, education, financial aid and housing.  They welcome with love and compassion for those suffering the loss of a child through abortion, miscarriage or loss of a baby. They listen with respect and help them find peace and healing.  The group project leader was keen to provide options that promote life to any person affected by a difficult pregnancy. They receive much donations but In sum, donations are used to cover the running costs, while donations to the Foundation provide long-term financing of center. Among other things, donations to the Foundation greatly facilitate program planning because they ensure that funds are always available to finance all or part of these programs.

All Their services are free and confidential.


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